It Turns Out There’s 35 The Dangers Effects Of Drinking Too Much Alcohol, You Know, Already Know?

You may already know that drinking too much alcohol is dangerous. However, perhaps this article could be a reminder to you to keep the excessive consumption of alcohol. Because, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause a variety of health problems and the relationship with other people.

If you are already addicted to alcohol, then it helps you know the side effects so you can try to control yourself. Let’s look at the article!

When did Alcohol Become Dangerous?

Alcohol is dangerous if you consume it in large quantities, and often done. Reported by Vox, the limit for alcohol consumption in order to maintain health is 1 glass for women and 1 glass for men. A glass is defined as 14 grams of pure alcohol. Therefore, you also need to consider the percentage of alcohol.

Here is an example of the maximum limit of alcoholic beverages according to their type:

  • Light beer (3%): 600 mL
  • Dark beer (7.5%): 240 mL
  • White wine (14%): 128 mL
  • Sake (15%): 120 mL
  • Red wine (19%): 95 mL
  • Soju (20%): 90 mL
  • Whiskey, vodka, tequila (40%): 45 mL

Check back brands of beverages that you consume. In fact, there could be a sake that has a higher concentration of alcohol of 20% or soju with an alcohol concentration that is low which is 17% for example.

If you consume more than the limit that has been determined and is consumed every day, then you can have a further risk from the effects of drinking alcohol.

Effects Of Drinking Alcohol

Short-term effects

Short-term effects of most alcohol is drunk. However, the drunk has the manifestation or implication that vary on health, among others:

This is because alcohol has side effects as a stimulant (make a heart-pounding, give effect to happy) as well as a sedative (slows the heart rate, calm, make sleepy).

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Long-term effects

These long-term effects can result from persistent excessive alcohol consumption. Most of the long-term effects in the form of health problems, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Nerve damage
  • Liver disease
  • Gastritis (swelling of the stomach wall)
  • Pancreatitis (swelling of the pancreas)
  • Diabetes (damage to the pancreas causes the production of insulin low)
  • Cancer of the mouth and throat
  • Nerve damage
  • Permanent damage to the brain
  • Vitamin B deficiency that causes amnesia and disorientation
  • Sexual disorders
  • Alcohol poisoning

However, in addition to health problems, there are also some side effects of alcohol that are not related to health, among others:

  • Decrease / loss of productivity
  • The decline of creativity
  • Loss of memory
  • Learning difficulties
  • The problem of family / household
  • Addiction / alcohol dependence

Considering how dangerous the effects of short-term and long of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, it helps us control ourselves. If you feel that you consume too much alcohol, you can try to solve it in the following way.

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How to overcome alcohol addiction

How to overcome alcohol addiction
How to overcome alcohol addiction (Source:

1. Find out how you drink 

Ask yourself, “How much do I drink?” That way, you can determine whether it is outside the boundaries of normal or not.

In addition, try asking yourself, “Why the heck am I drinking?” The problem is, many people drink for the sake of reducing the sadness, the pain is emotional, and stress. Find out the cause of you drinking alcohol, such as household problems, the problem of office, or other, can help you see that there are other alternatives to resolve the problems in a productive manner.

2. Talking about the problem

Talking about the problem ketergantunganmu to family and friends. By doing so, you can get moral support. In addition, you can also try to find a support group or community that helps you stop. 

In addition, learn to say no when invited to drink. You can try saying ” I don’t want to drink to maintain health” or just “I can’t”. If you’re close enough to the person, you can say that “I want to stop drinking so I can focus on finding other ways to get through the problem I’m having.”

3. Change the atmosphere

You can change the atmosphere with throw / sell all the alcohol you have at home, looking for a favorite drink of new or candies to overcome if you have the feeling want to drink, or try a new habit that is healthy, among other things:

  • Write a daily journal
  • Exercise
  • Read a book
  • Cooking
  • Be a volunteer
  • And more!

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The Anticipation Of The Risk Of Alcohol

Anticipation Of The Risk Of Alcohol
Anticipation Of The Risk Of Alcohol (Source:

In addition to cope with stop drinking alcohol, you should also be able to reduce the risk of developing the disease due to alcohol. The trick is to start a lifestyle and a healthy diet, drinking and eating enough, and regular sleep.

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