Understand the Symptoms of Diabetes To look out for

If You can quickly detect the symptoms of diabetes, of the treatment that You can do to meminimalisirkan the risk of occurrence of complications

Diabetes or often called the disease of diabetes is identical with the condition of a person who has a high sugar content. Diabetes is associated with the insulin hormone that functions to move the sugar in the body into the blood cells as energy reserves. Diabetes belongs to one of the critical illnesses that require handling intense. Because, if too late to be treated can be fatal.

Frequent symptoms of Diabetes

In Indonesia, the diabetes including common diseases experienced by many people aged 15 years and over. The disease is divided into two, namely diabetes type 1 and 2, but the symptoms of type 2 diabetes is develops slowly than type 1 diabetes is rapidly emerging.

Until now there are still people who find out too late if they suffer from diabetes. In fact, there are some symptoms of diabetes that are easily recognized so that the disease is overcome faster.

So everything is not too late and meminimalisirkan the risk of serious complications, here are some of the symptoms of diabetes which You must be aware of.

Easy Thirst

Easy thirst (polydipsia) can be one of the common symptoms that are often felt by people with diabetes. If You feel thirsty, which do not disappear when it was a drink, it should be wary of.

This condition occurs because glucose accumulate in the blood is not absorbed by the cells of the body so well that it makes the kidneys work extra to filter out the excess sugar in the blood and produce urine more than usual. It is this factor that causes the body to lack a lot of fluids.

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Frequent Urination

Frequent Urination
Frequent Urination

If lately You feel often back and forth to the bathroom, it’s good to be aware of. Therefore, one of the symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination. This condition is actually nothing to do with the easier symptoms of thirst. You easily thirst because the fluid in the body is always reduced due to the too often wasted through the urine. Furthermore, the alleged strengthened if the condition is often a natural day and make You wake up in the middle of the mmalam to to the toilet.

In the medical world, this condition is called polyuria caused by blood sugar levels are too high so that the kidneys can not absorb all the sugar in the body. As a result, the kidneys will work hard to filter and excrete blood sugar through urine. In fact, if a person has normal sugar levels, the kidneys will function properly, that is, the blood sugar is filtered by the kidneys and will be absorbed back into the blood.

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Weight Loss Drastically

Diabetes symptoms the next is the weight down drastically. The calculation of a person who has the disease of diabetes characterized if penurunnya more than 5% of the total weight. This condition can occur because the body needs glucose as an energy source, but because diabetics have a problem on the insulin can’t memposes such changes, then the body looking for other sources to be used as energy, i.e. of the protein.

Not just protein, the body will also start to solve the fat and the muscle to be used as energy. This condition makes You will lose weight drastically. Therefore, don’t be surprised if a person is suffering from diabetes the body will be thin.

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Wounds that are difficult to heal

Diabetes is also characterized by the condition of the wound which is very difficult to heal. These sores can be caused by various things, for example infections, scratches sharp objects, traces of insect bites, or other. This condition can occur due to the high levels of sugar in the blood so that the blood vessel walls of the arteries become hardened and narrowed. As a result, the flow of blood containing oxygen from the heart will be inhibited to spread throughout the body. In fact, parts of the body that are injured urgently needs oxygen and nutrients in order to quickly recover.

Weakness and frequent headaches

Weakness and frequent headaches
Weakness and frequent headaches

Early symptoms of diabetes the most common are headache, the body feels very weak, and not powered. However, these symptoms can be summed up into two things, namely the sugar content is too high, or too low. This condition occurs due to an imbalance of blood glucose levels in the body that causes the insulin is not working effectively. Because, insuline work to transport glucose from the blood into the body’s cells as an energy source. If insulin is not working effectively, then the cells of the body do not receive energy intake and causes the body to become limp, lethargic, and not powered.

These are some of the symptoms of diabetes that you should be aware of. You should immediately see a doctor to get further treatment if you experience the symptoms above. The sooner you know, of course, the faster the treatment can be run.

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