How Important Innate Immunity, The Immune System Non-Specific?

The immune system non-specific or innate immunity is the defense system of the body that is physical. This defense to be “the defense of the front line” of our body against foreign objects entering. 

However, before we get into innate immunity and how important it is for the health of the body, we will find out first what is the immune system and its function.

What is the body’s immune system?

Body Imune System
Body Imune System (Source:

Like in war, the immune system is like a bodyguard that protects your body from various “enemies” (diseases). By definition, the body’s immune system is a set of proteins, cells, tissues, and other biological structures that are in charge of maintaining the health of the body.

What Are The Functions Of The Immune System?

The main task of the immune system is to:

  • Recognize and detect foreign and dangerous substances that enter the body;
  • Paralyze and eliminate pathogens, ranging from viruses, bacteria, and parasites;
  • Fight dangerous changes in the body, such as cancer cells;
  • Detect and destroy cells that are already damaged or die; and
  • Make sure the balance of the process and the internal state of the body (homeostasis).

Types Of Immune System

There are two types of the immune system of the body, namely:

Both the body’s immune system’s complement each other.


What It Is Innate Immunity?

As already discussed, innate immunity is the body’s physical defense system that already exists from our birth. For example, we already have skin, mucus in the nose and mouth, to the mechanism of coughing and sneezing.

Innate immunity is very important as the “first defense” of our body. As innate immunity is a collection of white blood cells called phagocytes. How to work phagocytes is swarming foreign cells and swallow it.

What’s the Difference with the Specific Immune System?

A specific immune system can be formed with the help of a non-specific immune system. If the non-specific immune system does not work because the foreign substance is attacking too strongly, then the specific immune system will form specific antibodies to fight the foreign substance.

This antibody needs some time to be formed. Furthermore, the body will easily recognize foreign substances such specifically when they invade the body again. The body will immediately produce the antibodies are the same as the first.

The specific immune system this is the reason why the immunization and vaccination is important. Both teach the immune system of our body to make antibodies specific for the disease. However, the disease itself has been injected in a weakened state so as not to cause risk.


The Importance Of Innate Immunity?

the Importance Of Innate Immunity
the Importance Of Innate Immunity (Source:

Although the specific immune system to sound more cool and powerful, but the innate immunity is precisely to provide the ultimate defense. If we are attacked suddenly and foreign substances such powerful, surely we will not have time to reply with antibodies. 

Because of that, the innate immunity of a person is very important. Especially if there is a pandemic of a new disease and herd immunity is still not formed.

Then, how to improve innate immunity?


How To Increase Non-Specific Immune System

The non-specific immune system can’t actually ” boost”you. This is because the function of the non-specific immune system is only to maintain balance. If the immune system is too strong and aroused, then even balance is not achieved.

The best thing you can do in order to “balance” is maintained is through a balanced diet and exercise. An example is the:

  • Eat a lot of vegetable and fruit;
  • Frequent exercise;
  • Maintain ideal body weight;
  • Quit smoking;
  • Keeping alcohol assumptions;
  • Get enough sleep;
  • Prevent viruses by washing hands; and
  • Managing stress levels.


The Anticipation Of The Risk Of Disease You

Sometimes we can’t prevent the disease risk that comes suddenly. While waiting for the specific immune system, innate immunity also have to defend the body until the antibodies are formed. 

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